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CR Super Pink 2/24/2015

CR Super Pink by Greg Brunt        

Hook:  9671 or similar #8
Weight: optional - lead wire                         
Thread: dark green            
Tail:  optional - pearl, green, or blue Krystal Flash                
Body: Diamond Braid or Pearl Core Diamond Braid - Bonefish Tan or Tan
Rib: optional - fine copper or green wire                    
Wing: Krystal Flash - blue & green - try Herring Back

Tying Instructions
Cover hook with thread.  If using weight wrap wire about 2/3 length of shank.
Tie in Tail sparsely about 1/2 length of hook.
Tie in Rib, then Diamond Braid at tail position and wrap Braid up to about 1 eye width from eye of hook.  Wrap Diamond Braid as body.  Counter wrap rib over body and tie off.
Tie in Wing, 15 strands blue Krystal Flash over 15 strands of green - length to end of tail

Try different shades of green and blue Krystal Flash.  Add some pearlescent or bonefish tan.