Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Articulated Damsel 1/14/2015

Articulated Damsel

Trailer Hook - straight eye nymph hook size 10
Tail and Body - 3 strands ostrich herl - light olive
Rib - 5 - 8 lb monofilament leader
Tie in tips of ostrich herl as a tail leaving the ends uncat.  Tie in monofilament just behind the tail and binding it down on top of the hook.  Move thread up to just below eye of hook.  Wrap ends of ostrich up as the body and tie off.  Rib with monofilament and tie off.  Leave the hook in the vise.

Connection - Make a lop of mono and put the cut ends up through the hook eye from the bottom of the hook such that the loop is hanging below the hook.  Bring the cut ends through the loop and pull gently to attach the mono at the hook eye. Remove trailer hook from the vise

Main Hook - TMC 2488 or Daiichi 1150 - size 10
Eye - plastic barbel - yellow, red, green or olive
Body - light olive sparkle dub
Wingcase - strands of pearlescent Krystal Flash or pearl tinsel.

Coat hook well with thread.  Tie in leader ends with trailer hook almost touching the hook bend.  Tie the leader down on top of hook up to just below eye.  Fold leader down under the hook and tie down well.  Trim leader.
Tie in eyes about 1/3 of the hook back from the hook eye.  Move thread down to hook bend.  Dub up to just below eyes.
* If using pearl tinsel tie in here.  Dub up and around eyes.  If using tinsel fold up and over between the eyes to just below the hook eye and tie down.   Tie off and whipfinish.
* If using flash, carry on dubbing up and around eyes.  Move thread back down to just below eye and tie in Krystal Flash with a short wing back about halfway to hook bend.  Move thread up to just before eye.  Tie flash down.  Tie off and whipfinish.

Cut off the trailing hook at the hook bend.