Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Donovans Sparkle Snail 7/6/2014
Donovan’s Sparkle Snail

Hook - standard nymph size 10, 12
Thread - black or olive 8/0 or 12/0
Weight - lead wire
Rib - medium copper wire (optional)
Body - medium peacock crystal chenille
Tail & Hackle - black hen saddle fibers

1. Coat the hook shank with thread.
2. Lay lead wire along the underside of the hook and wrap with thread.  Wind the wire around about 6 times and bind down well with thread to form an underbody.  Brush with head cement.
3. Tie in a tail of hackle fibers about the length of the hook shank.
4. Tie in copper wire rib if desired.
4. Tie in crystal chenille at hook bend and wrap, overwrapping as necessary to make a rounded body.  Wind up to just below the eye.  Wrap with wire rib if using.
5. Select a hackle feather with fibers just about body length.  Tie in hackle and wrap directly in front of the body 2 or 3 times.
6. Sweep back the hackle fibers to expose the eye.  Build a thread head, whip finish and cement.