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Gold Bead Muddler 6/12/2020
Gold Bead Muddler

Hook - 2X long nymph hook - sizes 8, 10, 12 

Bead - gold 1/8

Thread - Tan 8/0

Tail - sparse deer hair

Rib - fine gold wire

Body - flat gold tinsel 

Wing - 4 strands gold Krystal Flash, slip of mallard flank / wood duck, stacked deer hair on top

Head - spun deer hair behind bead


1. Put the bead on the hook.  Apply the thread, covering the hook from just behind the bead to the hook bend.

2. Clean and stack a piece of deer hair and tie in a sparse tail.  If the tail flares too much wrap two turns of thread softly just behind the tie in thread.  The tail should be a little less than the hook shaft in length.

3. Tie in gold wire, then gold tinsel, both hanging back like a long tail.  Move thread up 3/4 of the hook shank.  Wrap tinsel up to thread and tie off.  Wrap gold wire evenly spaced as rib and tie off.

4. Tie in four strands of gold Krystal Flash as a wing extending to the end of the tail.   On top of the flash tie in a small slip of mallard flank in wood duck colour.

5.  Cut a sparse piece of deer hair, clean and stack.  Measure and trim such that the tips extend to the the end of the tail and cut the other end so it extends a little way past the hook eye.  Tie this piece of deer on top of the wing leaving the cut end sticking out over the hook eye.  Hold on to the wing part of the deer and allow the cut end to flare up and spin.  Move the thread to the right side of the spun hair and tie up against it.  Add 2 or 3 more pieces of deer hair, cleaned, trimmed and spun to build up the head area of the hook.  Whipfinish up against the bead.

6.  Remove fly from the vise and trim the deer hair to a nice round head, being careful to not cut off the wing.  Add touch of head cement behind the bead.




The tail can be golden pheasant tippet or red yarn with 2 strands of gold flash.


Harvey’s Green Muddler - Use green mallard and green dyed deer hair.  Use mallard for the tail and use pearlescent flash instead of gold


Blue Muddler - Use blue deer hair, blue wire and large blue holo tinsel.  Keep Krystal flash and mallard in gold colours.  This fly will also catch steelhead in the river.