Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Krystal Flash Leech 7/6/2014
Bill’s Leech

Hook #8 -12 9672 5262
Tag- chartreuse diamond braid
Tail- 3 clumps of marabou(black,red, purple)
1/8 gold bead for head
Black crystal or glo brite chenille for body
6-8 pieces of pearl Krystal Flash in tail
Black or purple hackle
Black 6/0 thread
Put bead on hook.  Tie in thread.  Wrap back to hook bend.
Tie in diamond braid (wrap back,then forward) tie off.
Tie in tail(black,red, purple).
Tie in Krystal Flash.
Tie in hackle.
Tie in chenille.
Wrap chenille forward tie off behind bead.
Wrap hackle forward tie off behind bead.
Whip finish and cement finished.
Try different colours in tail brown, olive