Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply

Basically they are tied the same.  The "F" has a chartreuse bead where as the "Kiss" has a silver bead.
Hook - 6 or 8 -Mustad 34007
Bead - 5/32
Body - chartreuse plastic "shoe lace" (sometimes called braiding cord or plastic string) from the Dollar Store. ( NOTE - We haven't been able to find this product yet.  We have been using some tube fly tubing which is a little stiff.  Chartreuse Edge Brite over Krystal flash is a good substitute.)
Thread - Danville flat waxed hot orange
Collar - Dragonfly Palmer Chenille med, Fl. pink
Tail - 6 to 8 strands of Krystal Flash
1 - Put bead on hook
2 - Cut plastic shoe lace so as to fit from behind bead to start of hook bend
3 - Use "gum" dental floss puller to pull krystal  flash though shoe lace. (The dental floss puller makes a great bobbin threader as well.  You will find them in your pharmacy’s dental care section.)
4 -  Cut Krystal Flash about an inch longer than shoelace body
5 - Start to feed shoe lace body with Krystal Flash onto the hook but before it goes past the bend put a drop of crazy glue into the front of the shoe lace.  Slide the shoe lace right to the bead and put a drop of crazy glue onto the back end of the shoe lace.
Hang  the partially completed fly bead down for 5 to 10 minutes for the glue to dry
6 - Make a collar of 4 to 5 turns of the chenille and tie off. Trim Krystal Flash to be about 1/2 the body length

Notes from Bob

I have currently tied some other variants with different colours of shoe lace and different colours and lengths of chenille which I will try this summer. I have also tried a # 4 34007 hook which I think is about the largest that will fit into the shoelace.
I first used that pattern on the Eve in 2010. Naturally since then I've tried different colour combinations  and some with a very light bead for beach fishing. Also about that time I became aware of  U.V. and found that  almost all of my better pink flies were very U.V active.