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Needlefish 2 7/6/2014
Needlefish  2     

Hook:  long shank salmon hook - Mustad 9394 or TMC777SP, sizes 10 - 6            
Thread:   black 6/0 or 8/0                    
Body: holo tinsel - silver or fluorescent white.  Try French Mini Flat Braid or Electra Braid
Wing - white polar, lilac Krystal Flash, peacock herl
Eyes - small stick on eyes

Tying Instructions
1. Wrap thread down to just above barb.  Tie in tinsel and wrap thread back to 1 1/2 eye widths behind eye.
2.  Wrap tinsel up to thread and tie off, making a slender body.
3. Just ahead on the tinsel tie in the wing: scant white polar fibres, 4 strands Krystal Flash on each side, 4 or 5 strands of peacock herl as overwing.  Bind down well.
4. Form a large black thread head and tie off.  Stick an eye on each side.  Coat well in head cement or epoxy.

- tail of white polar bear the length of the hook shank
- underwing - pearlescent flat braid partially unravelled