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Chum Salmon Fly - Marabou 9/17/2019

Hook: sizes 4 to 1/0 up-eye steelhead hook

Thread: 140 denier Fluorescent Fire Orange 

Body: Flat silver holographic tinsel

Wing: Purple marabou w/ silver flashabou lateral line on each side 

Over-Wing: Light blue marabou


Tying Instructions:


1.Wrap thread down to the bend of the hook.  Build up a small orange tag from the bend to above the hook point.  Wrap thread back up toward the eye making a smooth neat underbody.


2. Move thread to about 3/4 up the hook, that is 1/4 hook down from the eye. Tie in flat silver tinsel and wrap forward down to just above the orange tag and then back up to about 3/4 the way up the hook shank where the tinsel was started.


3. Rotate vise to invert hook and tie in purple marabou under-wing extending well past the hook.

Rotate vise to place hook right way up and tie in another purple marabou feather.


4.Tie in a clump of light blue marabou over the purple marabou.


5.Tie in 3 or 4 strands of silver flashabou out each side.


6. Form a nice tapered head with thread, whip finish, and head cement.


Variation - You can use a variety of colours for this fly.

Another way to tie on the marabou is as a “sandwich,” that is one colour between two layers of the second colour as show in the peach and white fly below.