Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Burlap Fly 7/6/2014
Burlap Fly

Hook - Mustad 9671 sizes 6, 8, 10

Thread - Brown or Tan

Tail - dark ginger hackle or dark deer hair

Body - hemp twine or burlap twine soaked in water

Hackle - light Ginger or light Grizzle

Wrap hook well with thread.  Tie in tail, about the length of the hook shaft.  Tie in twine or fibre from twine behind eye and lay down on top of the hook, binding down very tightly with thread, compressing twine down to above barb.  Wind thread up to behind eye leaving room for head.  Wind burlap up very tightly and tie off.  Wrap thread down and back up as a rib.  Tie in hackle piece by piece to surround hook generously. Tie off with a thread head.  Whipfinish and apply head cement.