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Pink, Yellow, Green Streamer 10/21/2014
Pink, Yellow, Green Streamer

Hook - Mustad 34011 stainless - sizes 4 & 6
Thread - UTC 70 red
Body - flat silver tinsel size 10 or 12
Rib - medium silver wire
Wing - Pink, then yellow polar bear, green Flashabou on top

Start thread a little ways back from the eye and wrap well down to the hook bend.  
Make a red tag with thread for about 1/8 inch then tie in wire, then tinsel on top of the wire.
Move the thread up to initial tie in point.  Wrap tinsel up to the thread and tie off.  Wrap rib, evenly space up and tie off also.
(At this point you can whipfinish and tie off.  Coat the whole body and head with flexible cement.  Let dry while you make some more bodies.)
Wing - Tie in pink polar bear fibre then yellow polar over top.  Keep it sparse.  Pu 4-6 strands of green Flashabou on top.
Form a neat thread head. (Stick-on eyes can be added if desired.)  Tie off and cement.