Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Silver Duchess 2/24/2015
Barry’s Pink Fly

Hook - size 8 rather than a 6 and I use Daiichii x point-----they are expensive but hook up better
Thread - UTC 70 denier fluorescent pink
Tail - Cotton Candy Angel Hair
Shell BackBody - Fuchsia Diamond Braid
Body - Silver Diamond Braid

1. Apply thread to hook and tie in Angel Hair Tail
2. Tie in Fuchsia Diamond Braid and leave hanging back for shellback.
3. Tie in Silver Diamond Braid.  Move thread up to just below eye of hook.  Wrap Silver Diamond Braid as body.
4. Pull the shellback forward tightly to the hook eye.  Tie off. Form neat thread head.  Whipfinish and cement.

Variation - Try the same fly in chartreuse green.  Try also using Rainbow Diamond Braid instead of silver for the body (Rainbow Duchess.)