Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Beginners' Leech 7/6/2014

  • Hook - 9671 - size 6 - 10
  • Thread - black, olive, or maroon
  • Tail - marabou or seal in colours to match
  • Rib - gold or silver oval tinsel
  • Body - chenille or yarn in colours to match
  • Wing - marabou or seal in colours to match - Krystal Flash on top

1. Start thread a little back from the eye.  Wrap the thread down to just above barb.

2. Tie on tail.  Make tail same length as hook shank (straight part). Trim & bind down ends (Tie off.)

3. Tie on rib (tinsel) and leave it hang.

4. Tie on chenille.  Wind thread back to tie-in spot.  Wind chenille up to thread.  Tie down with thread.  Trim and bind down ends. (Tie off.)

5.  Wrap rib up evenly spaced.  Tie off.

6.  Tie on wing almost to the end of the tail.  Tie 4 pieces of flash on top.  Tie off.

7.  Make a neat thread head.  Tie off thread with whipfinisher or 3 half hitches.