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Signal Light 2/20/2020
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Signal Light

with variations


Hook - Up Eye Steelhead hook sizes 4, 6, 8

Thread - black

Tail (optional) - purple hackle fibres

Rib - medium silver oval tinsel

Body - Rear portion - red floss, chartreuse floss

          - Front portion - med purple or black chenille

Wing - Rainbow or Pearlescent Krystal Flash.  You can add a purple, white or black feather wing over this as well

Collar - purple hackle feather or schlappen


  1. Apply thread to hook from below the “double-back” of the hook down to just above the barb.
  2. Tie in a short hackle tail if using.
  3. Tie in the oval tinsel and leave it hanging back.
  4. Tie in the chartreuse floss in the area between the hook point and the barb.  Move thread up about 1/8 inch and wrap the floss.  Cover well so no black thread is showing.  Tie floss off.
  5. Tie in red floss right up against the chartreuse.  Move thread up about 1/8 inch again.  Wrap red floss starting with one wrap just over the edge of the chartreuse and wrap up so the 2 bands of colour are the same size.  Tie off.
  6. Tie in the purple chenille.  Move the thread up to the beginning of the double-back of the hook.  Wrap purple chenille up and tie off.
  7. Wrap the tinsel in 3 close wraps right at the base of the chartreuse then move up in evenly spaced ribs to the thread and tie off.
  8. Make a wing of flash extending back to just past the bend of the hook.  If desired add a sparse hackle wing over the flash.
  9. Prep the collar feather by cleaning out the fluff.  Tie in feather by the stem wet fly style, that is curved toward the back of the hook.  Wrap the hackle in the area behind the hook eye, folding the sides of the feather back as you make about 3 wraps.  Tie the feather off.
  10. Wrap a neat thread head.  Whipfinish and cement.