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Black Back Coho Streamer 10/21/2014
Black Back Coho Streamer

Hook - Mustad C49S size 4 or 6
Thread - Black UTC 140
Wing - layers in order from bottom to top:
    white polar bear, purple and blue Krinkle Flash or Flashabou, fuchsia polar, purple polar, black Krystal Flash
Lateral line - pearlescent Krinkle Flash or Flashabou

Apply thread to hook just in the first centimeter below the eye, leaving the rest of the hook bare.
Build the wing in layers as above trying to keep it fairly sparse.  Tie in two or three strands of Flash at each side as a lateral line.  I picked out the pearlescent from the mixed colours in the Winter Run Purple Krinkle Flash package. (That’s where I got the purple and blue as well.)