Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Lazer Neil 6/7/2015

Lazer Neil     

Hook:  Mustad 34011, size 6
Eye - 1/8 bead, silver or gold (optional)                        
Thread:  clear monofilament or chartreuse thread  140 denier                     
Tail:  green polar bear, stacked with 4 strands pearlescent flash                    
Body:  green diamond braid.  For a more slender fly just use chartreuse thread                        
Hackle:  grizzly hackle or chartreuse grizzly                       
Rib:  copper wire
Tag: red or fire orange thread

Tying Instructions
1. Put bead on hook.  Wrap hook in mono or chartreuse thread to the hook bend
2. Tie in tail with polar bear and flash starting a little space below the bead and tying down tight down to the hook bend just above the barb
3. Tie in copper wire.
4. Fan out end of Diamond Braid then tie down just above barb of hook.  Wind thread up to a space below the bead, wrap diamond braid tightly and tie off.
5. Tie in hackle feather just below bead.  Palmer feather down to tie in point above hook barb.
6. Tie hackle down with copper wire.  Carefully work wire up through hackle to just below eye.  Trim off excess hackle.

7. Tie off copper wire with thread, trim wire.  Whipfinish and tie off thread.
8. Wind on small red tag just below bead and tie off.

Variations -  We also make this fly in bonefish tan, red or orange.