Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Frenchie 4/16/2019
Beverly’s Nymph
- a variation on Doug Freemann’s Frenchie

Hook - 1x long down eye nymph hook - size 10 or 12
Bead - gold 1/8 brass bead
Thread - brown 8/0
Tail - Mallard flank dyed wooduck colour
Rib - gold wire, small
Body - Antron yarn, brown
Collar - chartreuse or fluorescent orange thread.  I also do some in purple

1. Crimp hook barb and place bead on the hook.
2. Apply brown thread to the hook shank from just below the eye to the bend of the hook
3. Make a sparse mallard tail about the same length as the hook shank or a little longer.
4. Tie in gold wire along the top of the hook hanging out behind and bind down well at the hook bend.
5. Tie in the body material on top of the wire being sure to bind down well at the hook bend.  Move the thread up to the bead.
6. Wind the yard up forming a tapered body, thicker up by the bead.  Leave a little space behind the bead for the collar.
7. Wrap the ribbing up the body evenly spaced with about 5 wraps and tie off.
7. Tie off the brown thread and whipfinish.  
8. Tie the chartreuse or orange thread in just behind the bead and build a collar up to the same thickness as the body.  Tie off and whipfinish.
9. Apply small amount of head cement to the collar.