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Terry’s Pink Coho Fly 10/20/2017

Terry’s Pink Coho Fly

Hook - Mustad 34011 or equivalent - sizes 4 and 6

Thread - UTC Ultrathread in hot pink or fluorescent fire orange

Tail and Wing - pink polar bear

Body - silver diamond braid


Apply thread to the hook from leaving a space behind the hook eye and moving the thread down to just past the point of the hook.

Tie in a tail of pink polar about the same length as the shaft of the hook.

Wrap the the thread up to form a little tag before tying in the body material.  (see picture)

Tie in silver Diamond Braid or Sparkle Braid and move the thread back up to where you started.

Wrap Diamond Braid up to thread and tie off.  There should still be an area of bare hook before the eye.

Tie in a wing of pink polar extending almost back to the end of the tail.

Wrap a nice neat thread head.  Whipfinish, tie off and glue the head.