Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Caballero 2/21/2020


Hook - Up-eye Steelhead Hook sizes 4, 6, or 8
Thread - UTC 140 denier - Fluorescent pink or orange
Butt - Fluorescent Chartreuse Chenille
Ribbing - Pearlescent or Opal Mylar Tinsel
Body - Fluorescent Pink Chenille
Wing - White Polar Fibres (optional) with Pearlescent Flashabou over Collar - Hot Pink Saddle Hackle

  1. Apply thread to hook from one eye width back from the eye to just past the hook point.

  2. Butt - Tie in chartreuse chenille down onto the bottom 1/6 of the hook shaft. Wrap chenille up

    to tie in spot and tie off.

  3. Tie in ribbing and then pink chenille right up against the butt. Wrap chenille up to a little ways

    back from the hook point and tie off. Wrap pearlescent rib up and tie off.

  4. Wing - Tie in sparse polar wing (12 fibres or less) extending back just past the hook bend. Tie

    6 to 8 strands of Flashabou over.

  5. Collar - Groom feather by removing fluff. Tie in wet style. Make at least 4 wraps and tie off.

    Use thread and half-hitch tool to tent feather back. Tie off.

  6. Make a neat thread head, whipfinish and cement.