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Minnow Pattern for Sea Run Cutthroat 10/21/2014

Minnow Pattern for Sea-Run Cutthroat

Hook - Mustad 34011 Stainless - size 6
Thread - black 6/0 for tying in materials and head
    - red or fire orange thread for tag at butt end
Body - mylar tubing
Wing - white polar, rainbow Krystal Flash (or UV Gray), olive polar
Debarb hook and place in the vise.  Remove core from mylar tubing and slide tubing over the eye and onto the hook.  Measure, push forward to cut and pull back into place so the tubing covers the hook from the a little ways behind the eye to just above the hook point.
Slide the tubing back a little and tie in the black thread behind the eye.  Pull the tubing up to the thread.  Bind it down, whipfinish and tie off.
Tie in the red thread at the lower end of the hook.  Bind the mylar down at that end and form a red tag extending down to the hook bend, about 1/8 inch.  Whipfinish and tie off.
Form the wing with white polar bear, about 6 strands of Krystal Flash and olive polar on top.  Try to keep the polar quite sparse.
Form a large, neat thread head and tie off.