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Needlefish 1 7/6/2014
Needlefish 1     

Hook:  Mustad Signature C47S or other standard nymph hook - size 4 or 6            
Thread: 7m mono
Eyes: black plastic barbel                                 
Body: tied down ends of wing wrapped in mono
Wing:  white polar & baitfish or peacock angel hair - chartreuse or smoky gray angel hair Krystal Flash        
Tying Instructions

1. Wrap thread about half way downvthe hook shaft from the eye.
2. Tie the eyes on 1 1/2 eye widths back from the hook eye.  bind down well with mono thread, diagonal wraps as well as figure 8 wraps.
3.  Cut polar bear hair to about 2 times the length of the hook shaft.  Tie polar right up the the eye and bind down well to end of thread halfway down hook shank.  Tie angel hair over the polar but tie it over the middle of the eyes from just below the hook eye then bind down to halfway down shaft like the polar bear.  Turn the vise and tie in 4 strands of flash on either side of the body from just below each eye to tie down point halfway down shaft.  
4. Wrap thread back to eye making and thick evenly shaped body.  Tie off and cement.