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Green Butt Bear Hair 7/6/2014

Green Butt Bear Hair

Here is the original pattern and then the pattern as adapted by Norm Evans.

For Atlantic Salmon
Head: Black?Tag: Oval silver Tinsel?Butt: Fluorescent green wool or floss?Tail: Black hair or hackle fibres?Body: Black wool or floss?Rib: Oval silver tinsel?Throat: Black hackle fibres?Wing: Black Hair

Adapted for Trout
Hook:    Mustad 9671 size 10 to 12 or equivalent
Tag:    none
Butt:    Florescent green wool/floss
Tail:    Black hair* or hackle fibres
Body:    Black wool/floss or hair wrapped forward from tail
Rib:    silver or gold oval tinsel or red wire
Throat: none
Wing:    Black hair*
*Black Bear or Black Iceland Sheep ~ I tie in the tail, wrap the body forward, and then fold the butt ends back for the wing (allowing for the other parts along the way). Both Black Bear and Iceland Sheep hair are crinkly, so the butt ends can be trimmed and they do not ‘appear’ blunt.
The 4 trout flies pictured are tied with bear hair (you can tell as the hair butt ends/wings are brown-toned). Two are done with gold wire and two are done with red wire as the fish seem to prefer one colour over the other at times.