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Articulated Rabbit Leech 1/14/2015

Articulated Rabbit Leech

Primary Hook - Mustad 3399A/S60 size 12
Trailing Hook - Mustad 3399/S70 sizes 8-12
Monofilament 10 lb test
Rib - red wire - small
Rabbit strip - approx 1/2 of rabbit strip piece
    - The leather part is about 2 to 2 1/2 inches long

Place primary hook in vise.  Apply thread from 1/8” behind eye to above the hook point.
Hold up rabbit strip on top of the hook and judge how far back you want your mono loop to go.  You will want the mono to be about 1 inch shorter than the rabbit.

Tying in the monofilament loop - Cut a piece of mono about 8 inches long.  Join up the ends to make a loop.  Thread the ends of the mono down through the eye of the hook so the loop is lying over the back of the hook.  Extend the loop to the spot you measured with the rabbit strip.  Tie the loop down on top of the hook.  Pull the mono ends down under the hook and bind those down well.  Trim monofilament.

Tie the wire rib on top of the hook from 1/8” behind eye to above the hook point. Cut the front end of the rabbit strip into a Vee and tie that down behind the eye of the hook. Pull the rabbit down on top of the hook and wrap the wire up the rabbit strip wiggling it through the fibres.  Bind the wire down well just behind the hook eye and trim.

Cut off the Primary Hook at the bend.