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Elk Hair / CDC Caddis 4/16/2019
Elk Hair / CDC Caddis 

Hook - standard dry fly size 12 - 18
Thread - 8/0 brown or tan
Body / Wing - single CDC feather - ginger
Overwing - Elk or deer hair

1. Apply thread to hook from just below the eye to the hook bend.
2. Comb feather back with fingers and tie in by the tip just above and down to the hook bend.  Make two wraps under the feather stem to keep it in place. Wrap feather up to about one eye width back from the hook eye.  These feathers break easily so be gentle. Work the fibres back with your fingers as you wrap. 
3. Tie in a sparse Elk hair wing at this point just behind the eye, extending the wing back a little past the hook bend.  Leave the hair long over the hook eye for now.  Tie the wing down well, lift the forward hair (above the hook eye) and wrap underneath to form a thread head.  Whipfinish and cut thread.
4. Trim the elk hair just above the eye.  Use head cement on the thread on both sides of the wing.