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Shaggy Vampire 7/6/2014

 Shaggy Vampire

Hook - 3x long nymph - sizes 6, 8
Bead - fluorescent chartreuse
Thread - 8/0 Black
Body - Senyo’s Shaggy Dub on a Dubbing Loop
Tail - Rabbit fur with or without flash

1.  Thread hook into bead.  Attach thread behind eye and run down to the bend of the hook.
Trim a pinch of rabbit fur from the hide and secure along the top of the hook to make a tail about the length of the hook shank.  Tie this in on top of the hook.  Tie a few strands of flash on either side of the tail if desired.
2.  Form a dubbing loop with thread or wire, apply Shaggy Dub and twist.  
3.  Move thread up to just behind the bead.  Wind dubbing loop up the eye and tie off.
4.  Whipfinish and apply head cement.  Trim dubbing if desired or leave “shaggy.”