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Schlappen Wooly Bugger 12/7/2015

Schlappen Wooly Bugger

Hook - up eye steelhead hook - #2 or #4
Thread - UTC140 black or colour to match feathers
Tail - marabou from bottom of schlappen feather - Krystal Flash over
Hackle - two schlappen feathers - orange, black, blue, purple or your favourite steelhead colours
Body - large cactus chenille in black or to match feathers.

1. Apply thread to hook from about 2 eye widths back from the hook eye to just past the hook point.

2. Pull fluffy marabou feathers from the bottom of the schlappen feather .  Tail should be about 2/3 the length of the hook shaft.  Tie in marabou with about 4 strands of Krystal Flash (pearlescent or your choice) with flash extending out behind the feathers by about 1/3.  Don’t skip the flash.  It really shows up in the water.

3. Clean the fluffy marabou from the bottom of 2 schlappen feathers.  Both feathers can be the same colour or two different colours.  We like purple & black, blue & black, purple & blue. Tie the two feathers in together at the base of the tail, hanging back in wet fly style, i.e. shiny side toward the eye of the hook.

4. Tie in cactus chenille up against the feathers and bind down well.  A dab of cement or glue at this point is a good idea.

5.  Move thread up to the original tie in point before the hook eye.  Wrap cactus chenille body up to the thread and tie off.

6. Work the schlappen feathers together up the hook in evenly spaced wraps.  Tie off a little ways before the eye.  Form a neat thread head.  Whipfinish and cement.

*Schlappen Tip - Your fly may be very wild and bushy looking.  You can wet it and groom it to get a more neat and orderly fly that takes up less room in your fly box!