Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Coho Streamer 7/6/2014

Thread - 6/0 black
Hook - stainless standard length - Mustad 34007 or Togen stainless - sizes 6 or 4
Tail - grizzly hackle tips with olive Krystal Flash over
Body - fine braid in a green pearl colour
Wing - chartreuse polar
Beard - white polar
Throat - red Krystal flash

1.  Apply thread to hook.  Tie in 2 grizzly hackle tips as a tail about the same length as the hook shank.  Tie 2 or 3 strands of olive Krystal Flash on top of the hackle.
2.  Tie in tinsel braid for body.  Move thread up to a little behind the eye.  Wrap tinsel up to thread and tie off.
3.  Tie in polar bear wing to about the end of the tail.  Tie in the beard of white or natural polar a little shorter than the wing.
4.  Tie a a few strands of red Krystal Flash as a throat.  I find it easier to tie it in a little longer than I want and then trim it when the fly is done.
5.  Make a substantial thread head, whipfinish and glue