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Gold Eye Micro Leech 11/9/2015
Gold Eye Micro Leech

    •    Hook - 1 X long nymph hook or scud hook - size 12
    •    Bead - gold 1/8
    •    Thread - purple 8/0
    •    Tail & Body - marabou - purple, black or wine
    •    Rib - red wire - size small

Place bead on hook.  Apply thread from just below eye to the hook bend.
Tie in the red wire, binding the tag end down on top of the hook.
Choose marabou feather.  Do not trim.  Tie in marabou tail wrapping only at hook bend and leave the rest just hanging
Wrap the remainder of the marabou up to the eye as the body.  Tie off.  
Move the red rib up through the tail to the top and wrap up the body in evenly spaced wraps.  Tie off.  
Bind materials well behind the eye.  Whipfinish and glue.