Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Foam Ants 7/6/2014
  • Hook - standard dry flry - size 10-14
  • Thread - 6/0 black (fine thread will cut foam)
  • Tail - black fur fibres - deer, bear, elk etc.
  • Body - flat foam cut in strips approx. 3mm
  • Tag - brightly coloured floss - red, fushia, chartreuse, yellow, orange
  • Hackle (- opt.) - grizzly

1. Wrap hook with thread down to just above barb.

2. Tie in 3-4 black hairs - short tail, no longer than hook gap

3. Wrap thread back to center of hook shaft.  Tie in foam strip.  Tie foam down to just above barb.

4. Move thread back up to center point.  Pull foam up to centre and tie down.

5. Tie in coloured floss 5-6 wraps and tie off.  Tie in and tie off points are ahead of fold and covered well with black thread.

6. Continue with foam strip, tying down onto hook shaft until the eye.  Fold back to just above floss.  Tie down well.  Snip foam off with a small end sticking up.

7.  Tie in hackle at this point.  Make a couple of wraps and tie off.  Whipfinish to complete fly

For Termite

Use orange foam and orange floss.