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Foam Termite 7/6/2014
Foam Termite

Hook - standard dry fly like Mustad 94840 - size 10 or 12
Thread - 8/0 brown
Body - orange or yellow/orange floss, tan foam overbody
Wing and Hackle - brown saddle hackle

1. Cover hook shaft with thread to just above the barb.
2. Cut a strip of foam about 1/2 cm wide or less.  Trim one end to a taper and tie this end down on the hook just above the barb with the remainder of the foam strip lying back behind the hook.
3. Tie on floss at base of foam above hook barb.  Wind thread up to 1 1/2 eye width below the hook eye.  Wrap floss to form an even slender body up to the thread and tie off.
4. Bring thread down about 1/3 of the way back down over the floss body.  Fold foam strip over and tie down at this point about 3-4 wraps forming the abdomen.  Move the thread up to the end of the floss body just below the hook eye.  Fold foam up to this point creating the thorax.  Tie foam down with 3-4 wraps again.  Trim foam off, bind down cut end.
5. Tie in a hackle tip wing on each side of the body extending down past the foam overbody.  Tie in a longer piece of hackle just above the wings and make 3 wraps.  Tie off.
6.  Form a neat thread head.  Whipfinish and tie off.

Variation - tied all in black, this makes a fine flying ant.