Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Stimulator 7/8/2014
Stimulator Variation

  • Hook: Tiemco 2312 - size8 - 12
  • Thread: olive or tan (match thorax colour)
  • Tail: deer or elk hair
  • Abdomen: olive dry fly dubbing.
  • Hackle for abdomen - brown
  • Rib: fine gold wire over hackle for abdomen only
  • Wing:  Microweb wing material cut caddis style
  • Overwing: deer or elk hair
  • Legs: Sililegs or other rubber legs
  • Thorax: rust or dark brown dubbing
  • Hackle for Thorax: grizzly
  • Head: orange thread

1. Tie in tail a little shorter than the length of the shaft.
2. Abdomen - Tie in rib and brown hackle.  
3. Dub thread in olive and wind up a little over half way up the hook.
4. Palmer the hackle up to the thread and tie off.  Wind the rib up through the hackle.  Tie off.
5. Tie in Microweb wing the same length as the end of the tail.  Tie a sparse deer hair wing over.
6. Thorax (starting about 2/3 up the shank) - Tie in grizzly hackle..
7. Tie in two rubber legs on each side.
8. Dub thorax in a darker colour than the abdomen and palmer the hackle through it.  Make the wraps more tightly spaced than the body. Use the dubbed thread and the hackle to position the legs.
9. Tie off dubbing and hackle with olive thread and add an orange head.
Try variations of colour to match insects. Peacock herl can be used for the thorax. The Microweb wing and rubber legs are optional but add to floatation and surface movement.  Try different thicknesses of deer hair for tail and wing.