Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Mini Hot 7/6/2014
Hook - 3X natural bend (ex. TMC2312) sizes 10 - 16
Thread - tan (also try yellow, lime, green,purple, orange)
Tag - fluorescent chartreuse thread
Underbody - tying thread
Overbody - clear micro tubing or Stretch Magic 5 ml (Craft store product)
Underwing - white Antron yarn
Overwing - fine deer hair or elk hair
Hackle - brown
Thorax - ice dubbing - tan or pearl

1. Place hook in vise, attach thread one eye width back from the eye and run down to just before the bend of the hook.
2. Move thread back up to just below eye and tie in clear tubing.  Bind it down well then lay the tubing straight on top of the hook, stretch it a little and tie it down with thread to end at the spot at the bend of the hook.  Cover the tubing well with thread to maintain body colour.  Move thread back up to just below eye, whipfinish and tie off.
3.  Tie chartreuse thread in position just above the point of the hook.  Build up a green butt from this position to the end of the thread at the hook’s bend.  Tie off and whipfinish.  Apply head cement over entire body.
4.  While cement is still tacky, retie tan thread on to hook just below the eye and move down one third of the hook shank.  Wrap clear tubing with side by side wraps to 2/3 up the hook where the thread is hanging.  Bind tubing down with thread and cut with a tag end that is bound under thread on the top third of the hook ending thread a little below the eye to start building up the thorax area.
5. Tie sparse Antron wing in below eye and bind it down at the one third spot where you tied off the end of the tubing.  Attach sparse elk hair overwing and bind down in the same way.  Front 1/3 of the hook is now built up as a base for the thorax.  Wing starts at the point 2/3 of the way up from the hook bend and extends just past the end of the hook or a little longer if you like.
6. Measure hackle to size of the hook and tie in just at top of wing.  Apply ice dub up to just below eye.  Wind hackle 3 wraps forward and tie off.  Whipfinish and dab with cement.

To fish this fly let it float for a while or move it a little to make a wake.  It’s okay to let it sink a little and then slowly troll it.