Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Full Back Dragon 7/6/2014
Full Back Dragon - Ted’s Variation

Hook - 2X long nymph sizes 10 - 4
Thread - olive or black 6/0
Tail - Pheasant tail fibers
Rib - 6 lb mono leader material, Chameleon
Wingcase & beard - Pheasant tail fibers

Body - Tobacco brown Glo-Brite chenille, or medium brown Wooly Bugger Chenille
         - option - wrap over chenille with brown mohair yarn or dubbing. The sparkles will show through when it's wet.

Apply thread to hook from a little ways below the eye to the hook bend to just above the barb.
Tie in sparse very short tail (1/4 inch or less) of  pheasant tail fiber tips.

Tie in the following three materials on top of the hook hanging off the back like a long tail. Tie in well at the anchor point at the hook bend and tie in the excess up to a little ways below the eye to start to build up the body.
- first a piece of mono leader
- a long piece of pheasant tail about 1/2 inch wide, again on top of the hook.  This needs to be long enough to cover the body and fold over under the eye to make the beard.  Measure the piece of pheasant up against the hook.
- then a piece of chenille

Move the thread up to the spot below the eye.
Wrap the chenille up thickly doubling up the material to make a substantial body.  Alternately you can add dubbing or mohair yarn on top of the chenille to add to the body.
With the thread hanging down a little ways behind the eye, fold the pheasant tail wing case forward and bind down with a few turns of thread.  Bring the mono leader up in evenly spaced wraps as a rib and tie off.
Separate the remaining pheasant fibres with your fingers or a bodkin around the eye and fold under to form the beard.  Tie down so that the beard sweeps down diagonally toward the hook point.
Complete the thread head and tie your knots.  Add a dab of head cement.