Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Atherton Nymph 7/6/2014
Atherton Nymph (Mayfly)

Hook - 1x long, size 10 - 14
Thread - Black
Tail - Dark furnace hackle
Abdomen - blended muskrat and claret dubbing (seal or similar)
Rib - oval gold tinsel
Wingcase - iridescent blue feather - kingfisher or substitute.  I used peacock breast feather.
Thorax - same as abdomen
Legs - collar of dark furnace hackle

Prepare wingcase feather ahead of time by applying head cement to both sides and letting dry.
Wrap hook shank in thread down to the bend.  Make sparse hackle tail.  Tie in rib.
Dub up about 2/3 up the hook.  Wrap rib and tie off.  
Cut wingcase to size and attach at 2/3 point.
Dub thorax a little heavier than the abdomen.  Tie in a collar of hackle and push down to form legs.
Bring wingcase over.  Tie down and trim.
Finish off with a thread head.  Try it in bright orange.