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Ostrich Damsel Nymph 2/20/2016
Ostrich Damsel

    •    Hook - 2x long nymph hook - sizes 8, 10, 12 or - scud hook size 8
    •    Rib - small wire - silver, gold, or chartreuse
    •    Bead head or plastic barbel eye
    •    Thread - olive
    •    Body & tail - olive ostrich herl
    •    Legs (optional) - olive partridge
?1. Bead on hook - thread down to bend of hook?2. Tie on wire ribbing above barb?3. Tie in three strands of ostrich as the tail, leave ends untrimmed - length of hook shank, longer for scud hook?4. Body - take ends left from tail and twist counterclockwise.  Wrap as body.  Add more ostrich as required winding up leaving a small space just behind the bead.?5. Counterwrap wire over body and tie off.?6. Trim ostrich body close, laying scissors along the wire.?7. Tie in legs if desired on each side using about 3 strands of partridge.?8. Wrap ostrich herl just behind eye, over wire ends, making a nice fluffy thorax / head. If using plastic barbel eyes (black, olive, red or yellow) wrap ostrich around eye, before & after and figure eight.  Wrap thread head and tie off.
Variations - tie pearlescent Krystal Flash behind barbel eye forming a wing.  Bring thread up past eyes and tie flash down again.  Move thread back behind eyes, fold flash over to add more wing and trim.  Whipfinish just behind eyes.
- instead of ostrich at thorax / head area, use Crystal Chenille