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Skagit Minnow 3/28/2018
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Skagit Minnow 

from Les Johnson’s “Fly Fishing Coastal Cutthroat”


Hook - standard stainless sizes 6 - 10

Thread - UTC 70 denier - black

Body - silver flat braid

Back, Tail - Peacock sword

Head - small black chenille


  1. Apply thread to hook from about 1/8 inch back from the hook eye to just past the hook point.  
  2. Tie in the silver flat braid so the tag end covers the same area where the thread lies, tying in just below the hook point and ending a little ways back from the eye.  Wrap the tinsel so the body is tapered and thicker up by the eye.  Tie off.
  3. Up against the end of the tinsel by the hook eye, tie in about 9 strands of peacock sword.  Tie these in like a wing, extending a little way past the hook bend.  Attach the black chenille up against the peacock, move the thread up to the hook eye and make two wraps of chenille to form the head. Tie off and whipfinish
  4. Pull up the peacock sword up over the eye while you tie the thread back in at the far end of the hook.  (I use a hackle plier to hold the feathers up out of the way.)  Tie the thread in on the bare hook just behind the silver braid and a little bit in to the silver just enough to have the thread securely in place.
  5. Pull the peacock down and bind it with 4 or 5 wraps all in the one place.  Whipfinish.
  6. Place a drop of glue or cement at this spot and up by the hook eye.