Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Alevin 2 9/30/2021

“Egg N’ I” Fry/Alevin

pattern variation


Hook - size 6 or 8 standard length stainless

Thread - 6/0 black

Body - flat silver tinsel

Rib - small silver wire

Wing -  light mallard flank feather over blue hackle fibres

Throat - red yarn


  1. Apply thread to hook from a little behind the eye to just past the hook point.
  2. Tie in rib then body material hanging back behind the hook.
  3. Wrap the body and rib up to where the thread started
  4. Tie in underwing of sparse blue hackle fibres.
  5. Prepare mallard flank feather by trimming a slip from the side and rolling between the fingers.  Tie in place over the blue hackle.  If needed add a second slip to make the wing complete.
  6. Tie a thread head, whipfinish and cement.