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Ratsworm 7/6/2014
Ratsworm - from Bill Ratcliff

Hook - Tiemco 811S in #6 or #4
Eyes - x-small gold hourglass
Thread - Kevlar 3/0 Natural Yellow
Underbody and Tail - 1 3/4” of Virtual Nymph - Nymph Skin 3mm in natural colour
Body - #22 pale yellow swannandaze (substitute clear)

Tie the hourglass eyes on the top of the hook, about 1/8” back of the hook eye.  Run the thread down the shank to just before the bend.  Hold the nymph skin on top of the hook up to the eyes.  Holding the nymph skin wrapped over the hook with your finger and thumb, tie it in at the back of the hook and continue forward with the thread in such a way as to secure the nymph skin on the top and around the sides of the hook.  You want the nymph skin  to come off the back of the hook horizontally.  Run the thread up and down the nymph skin on the hook shank, ending up at the back end.  

Take the swannandaze and snip off the end to a long, sharp point, and tie the point in at the rear with the angled cut facing the rear, so that the flat side will be on the hook and the concave side outward.  Wrap the swannandaze over the body and tie in up against the hourglass eyes.  Finish the head with the thread in front of the eyes.  Cover the head with head cement, and LOOK OUT BONEFISH!

PS  Change the colours and size to suit the type of fish you are after.  This general dressing of the fly will, I believe, take any predatory game fish.