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Micro Polar Pink Fly 7/18/2014
Micro Polar Pink Fly

Hook - standard shank stainless size 8 or 10 or saltwater shrimp hook (Mustad C47SD)
Thread - hot pink
Eyes - Bead chain hot pink - small
Tail - Bonefish Tan Krystal Flash
Body - Micro UV Polar Chenille - UV Fuchsia

1. Start thread and wrap hook from just below the eye to the hook bend.  
2. Return thread to just above the mid point of the hook shaft.
3. Tie in a pair of bead chain eyes.  Bind down well criss cross, figure 8 and around under the eyes (frapping).  Dot with head cement.
4.  Move thread to hook bend.  Cut 8 strands of Krystal Flash about twice the length of the hook shaft.  Tie in to form a tail about the length of the hook gap.  Do not cut.  Bind the leftover Krystal Flash down along the hook shaft and between the eyes to just above the eyes.  Make sure the thread moves under the eyes so the Krystal Flash between the eyes is not covered up.  Fold the remaining Flash back down between the eyes, move the thread back down under the eyes and bind the flash down to add more material to the tail.
5. Tie in the polar chenille at the hook bend and move the thread up to the eye of the hook.  Wrap the chenille up to the thread.  Make sure both thread and chenille travel under, not over the eyes.  Whipfinish and cement.

* Be sure to make some in chartreuse as well.