Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Dragon Nymph with yarn 5/28/2021

Yarn Dragon 


Hook - Natural Bend size 4 or 6 (Togen Natural Bend, or Mustad C53S or Tiemco 200R)

Thread - 6/0 or 3/0 olive or black  

Tail - olive goose biot, turkey biot for size 4

Eyes - plastic barbell size medium or large - black

Rib - small to medium wire - gold or copper

Abdomen - olive knitting yarn or Sculpin Wool for underbody, olive dubbing or mohair yarn for overbody

Wings - partridge - olive or natural

Thorax - olive dubbing or mohair yarn 


Coat hook shank well with thread ending at anchor point just above barb. 

Make a little thread “bump” at the hook bend. Tie in tail of two goose biots curving out ward in a vee using the thread bump to separate the biots. Tail should be quite short. (See photo of actual insect).

Move thread up to a good space behind the eye of the hook and tie in the plastic barbells, wrapping thread back and forth and in figure 8’s. Glue. (If you are tying several flies tie off and whipfinish at this point. Glue well and put aside to dry while making the other hooks up with thread, biots and eyes.)

Move thread back down to base of tail. Tie in wire, then yarn underbody material hanging back over the tail. Tie down tag end of materials up to a little over half way up the hook making sure they are well anchored at the tail. Thread is now a little over half way up the hook.

Wrap yarn shaping the underbody narrow at both ends and thick in the middle. Tie off at thread position (top of the abdomen) and run thread back down to the base of the tail in a few easy turns.

Tie in mohair yarn. Move thread up to top of abdomen. Wrap mohair up to thread and tie off. Wrap rib up to thread, pulling firmly to show segmentation and tie off.

Legs - Take partridge feather and cut out center to make a vee shaped gap. Trim feather to have 6 or so fibres on either side of the vee. Lay feather at top of abdomen and tie down splaying fibres out on each side. Tie feather shaft down well and trim.

Tie in small length of mohair yarn and wrap a fat thorax behind the barbell eyes. Wrap in between the eyes and tie off just ahead of the hook eye. Form a neat thread head. Whipfinish and glue.