Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Bulldog 7/6/2014
Bulldog - Dennis Ramshaw’s variation

Hook - 3x or 4x long ex. Mustad 9671, 9672 - size 6-12
Thread - olive
Tail - burnt orange marabou (or rabbit hair for smaller flies)
Body - golden olive crystal chenille
Hackle - yellow grizzly saddle

Wrap hook shaft with thread from just below the eye to the barb.
Tie in the tail the length of the hook shaft.  If when fishing you feel the tail is too long trim further with finger nails.
Tie in saddle feather wet fly style just above hook barb.  Tie in chenille.
Wrap chenille to just below eye of hook. Tie off.
Palmer hackle up wooly bugger style.  
Make a neat thread head, whipfinish and tie off.