Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Purple Nelson 7/9/2014
Purple Nelson
- pink salmon fly

Hook - Saltwater Shrimp C47SD - sizes 6 & 8
Thread - fluorescent pink
Body - purple Diamond Braid
Overbody & Tail - Cotton Candy Angel Hair

1. Wrap thread onto hook from one eye width below the eye to about half-way down the curve of the hook.
2. Run thread back up to just below the eye and tie in Diamond Braid on top of the hook to the end of the thread base at the curve of the hook.  Move thread back to eye.
3. Wind Diamond Braid to just below eye and tie off.
4. Cut a piece of Angel Hair long enough to extend from eye down length of body and beyond to form a tail about the length of the hook shaft.  Tie Angel Hair in at the eye and lay across hook shank as you palmer the thread down, evenly spaced to the curve of the hook where braid was tied in.  
5. Wrap thread over Angel Hair at this spot at least 3 times to anchor it in well.  Wrap thread back up to eye trying to stay in same grooves as previous thread wraps forming a segmented shell back.
6. Form a thread head, whipfinish and cement.
Trim tail to length of hook shaft.