Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Wiggle Nymph 7/6/2014

Wiggle Nymph

Hooks - 94840 size 14 or 16 - 2 hooks per fly
Thread - olive 8/0 or 12/0
Tail - green hackle fibres
Dubbing - Hare’s Ear olive brown
Hook link - 4-5 lb mono fishing line
Wing case and Legs - 6-8 pheasant tail fibres

Put first hook in vise.
Apply thread to upper half of hook below the eye.  (Curved part will be cut off.)
Tie in sparse tail at half way point where the thread starts.  Dub lightly up to the eye.  Tie off.
Use wire cutters to remove curved part of the hook to just under the tail.
Cut a length of 4 - 5 lb mono fishing line.  Thread the mono onto the cut hook and put to one side.
(It can be easy to misplace this little tail-piece.  You may want to thread the mono while the hook is still in the vise and clamp the two ends of the mono together until needed.)

Put second hook in vise.  Coat hook shank with thread ending at bend.
Take cut hook threaded on line and fold mono in two to make a loop.  Tie loop on the main hook with a few wraps and pull into position until the eye of the trailing hook just touches the top of the curve of the lead hook. The trailing hook is in the down eye position.
Bind down monofilament well up the full length of hook from the bend up to the eye.  Trim mono at the eye and glue along the shaft.  Move thread back down to bend of the hook.
Dub lightly half way up hook.  Tie in pheasant tail fibres with tips going back just behind bend of hook.
Dub remaining hook as thorax a little more thickly than the body leaving a little space before the eye.  Fold wing case over dubbing and tie down.  Fold tips over and tie down to form legs.  Bind down well.
Form thread head, whipfinish and tie off.