Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Bunny Minnow / Stickleback 7/6/2014
Bunny Miinnow / Stickleback

Hook - 3X long size 6 or 8
Tail - red hackle fibres sparse
Tinsel - gold rope size med
Wire - gold size med
Body - golden olive crystal chenille size med
Wing - Rabbit Strip thin cut - dk olive with black tips
Throat (optional) - olive hackle and Pearlescent Flashabou

1. Start thread 1/4 inch back from eye.
2. Tie in a short tail about the length of the hook gap.
3. Tie in wire, then tinsel at base of tail, binding down tag end about half way up the hook.
4. Tie in chenille binding down tag end to 1/4 inch back from eye.  Run thread up to this point.  Wrap chenille up the body to the thread and tie off.  Wind gold tinsel counterclockwise up as a rib over the chenille and tie off.  The front 1/4 inch of the hook should still be bare.
5. Cut front of rabbit strip to a small point and tie in behind eye, beginning to form a large thread head.  Pull back and cut rabbit tail a little short of the end of the red hackle.  
6.  Separate rabbit fibres and tie down with wire 1 1/2 wraps.  Wrap forward diagonally (clockwise) wiggling wire down through the rabbit - 4 - 5 wraps.
7. Wrap wire over top of the thread head and bind down with thread on both sides of the wire.  Complete thread head, tie off and glue well.

Tinsel and wire silver
Body - silver tinsel chenille
Wing - Rabbit strips natural or chinchilla varigated