Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Muskrat Emerger 7/8/2014
Muskrat Emerger - pattern by Ken Thorne

Hook - standard dry like Mustad 94840 - sizes 12 - 16
Thread - black, grey or olive
Tail - wood duck or mallard flank
Body - dubbed muskrat
Rib - fine copper wire
Wing - Grizzly hackle tip
Hackle - Grizzly or Ginger

1. Start thread about 2 eye widths back from the eye and coat hook with thread down to the bend.
2. Tie in about 12 fibres of wood duck or mallard flank for a tail, trying to keep barring together.  
3. Tie in a length of fine copper wire as rib.
4. Dub a small amount of grey fur forming a neat, tight body, narrow at the tail end and tapered up to about 2/3 of the way to the eye.
5. Wrap rib over body and tie off.
6. Tie in a small grizzly hackle tip as a swept back wing.  Add a drop of head cement.
7.  Tie in a grizzly or ginger dry fly hackle. Give two turns and tie off.
8. Sweep hackle back with fingers and tie back over them with thread to push them back a bit.  Form a neat dark head and tie off.