Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Ice Bugger 1/18/2020

Ice Bugger


Hook - 1X Nymph Hook #6 or 8


Thread - Uni 6/0 Black


Tail - Marabou with Black Pearlescent Flashabou #6960


Body - Ice Dub in Pheasant Tail


Hackle - Black long

 1. Apply thread to hook and tie in marabou tail a little longer than hook shank.

      Tie in 2 strands of flashabou on each side of the tail.


2.  Dub a tapered body towards the hook eye thicker by the eye.


3. Tie in hackle feather so the longest fibres are by the hook eye.  Fold the fibres back on the hook stem and wrap the collar.


4. Tie off and whipfinish.