Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Alevin 7/6/2014
FLY PATTERN    Alevin Fly        

Hook:  Tiemco 9394 - size 8 or 10    , Mustad 9672 - size 8 or 10                        
Thread: Benecchi 12/0 grey or tan, Fire orange  Danville or UTC 6/0 for throat    
Bead - silver    5/32 (optional)                             
Body: Flat silver tinsel wrap or Holographic silver
Tail / Overbody: Larva Lace with silver Krystal Flash
Egg Sack - red yarn or glue gun stick Dark Roe, Orange Roe or Salmon

Tying Instructions
1. Thread bead on hook
2, Using tan or light grey thread wrap the hook from the bead to the bend of the hook.
Tie in silver  tinsel and move thread up to the bead.  Wrap the tinsel up and tie off.  
Paint fly with lacquer and place on turner to dry.  I usually tie up several bodies to this point.
If making glue gun egg sack, now is the time.  Tie in a small tag of red yarn below the bead to give the  egg something  to hold on to.  Allow glue gun to warm up well.  Hold the fly in a clip or clamp and apply the glue to the under side of the tinsel in an oval shape just up to the bead.  Turn in the hand and use the tip of the glue gun until the desired shape is reached.  Hold in cup of cold water (not chlorinated) for a few seconds then drop in to cool thoroughly.  After a few minutes bring out to dry and resume tying.
Tie in some fire-orange thread below the bead, trying to catch the edge of the glue gun eye.  Thread a piece of silver Krystal Flash into the Larva Lace Body Material as far as you can, then cut the piece off.  Lay this on top of the hook and tie it in at the bead with  the orange thread.  (The original pattern by Lohr uses grey Ultra Chenille singed at the end for the tail / overbody.)
If making the yarn egg sack, tie in a tuft of  yarn below the bead and trim.  Knot, whipfinish and cut the thread.
Lay the Larva Lace down the back of the fly and using the tan or grey thread, tie it down at the back of the hook, right where the  tinsel is tied in.  Knot, whipfinish and cut the thread.  Apply a dab of cement or lacquer to these last two tie in spots.
Trim the Larva Lace about the width of the hook gap past the bend of the hook.