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Flash Back Pheasant Tail Nymph 7/6/2014
Flash-Back Pheasant Tail Nymph
Hook:        standard 1x nymph hook, sizes 6 to 12
Thread:    Uni 8/0 or Benecchi 12/0, brown or black
Tail:        Pheasant tail fibres, natural or dyed
Ribbing:    thin wire, colour of your choice
Body:        Pheasant tail fibres, natural or dyed
Wing Case:    Pearl or Crystal flash
Thorax:    Peacock herl, natural or dyed
Legs:        Pheasant tail fibres, same colour as tail fibres
Crimp barb and set hook in vice.
Lay a thread base down ending up with thread at the hook bend.
Tie in a small clump of Pheasant tail fibres for tail. The tail should be about the length of the hook shank.
Tie in wire for ribbing *match tied in tail to the length of the hook shank to help avoid bumps in the fly body*, again ending up with thread at the hook bend.
Tie in 3 or 4 Pheasant tail fibres and move thread forward some. Wrap the Pheasant tail fibres around the hook shank without twisting too much, to increase ‘hairiness’. You will want to cover the hook shank to a little more than half the shank length. Tie off and tie in Pheasant tail fibres as needed, keeping your thread ahead of the fibres.
Counter wrap your wire, spacing the wraps evenly and tying it off where the body fibres end.
Tie in your flash.
Tie in 2 Peacock herls and wrap then, without twisting, to one eye’s width from the hook eye. You want the thorax to be thicker than the body so bunch up your herl wraps. Tie the herls off and trim.
Gently pull your flash over your thorax and tie it in place and trim. Secure with 2 more thread wraps.
Tie in a clump of Pheasant tail fibres slightly larger than the clump used for the tail. Tie these fibres on the top of the hook shank with 3 or 4 thread wraps, then trim the fibres tails. The legs should end up long enough to be near the point of the hook. (*Begin with fibres that measure from the front of the thorax to the hook bend) Divide the fibres in half and bend them beside the front 1/3 of the thorax, down the sides of the hook shank. When happy with the legs’ positions do a couple of thread wraps to secure the legs. Check legs positions and redo or do a couple more thread wraps to secure.
Neaten up head with as few thread wraps as possible and finish head with head cement. **you may also wish to coat the wing case/flash with head cement.
Dyed Ring Neck Pheasant tail fibres can make great changes in the look of the fly. I have tied many with Pheasant tail feathers dyed purple and hubby has had great success with them.
Fish love Peacock herl –try using dyed herl for variations on your flies.
Use coloured wire to contrast or accent your flies, your choice, but keep track of which is more effective when fished.
If you want to weight your flies, choose something to differentiate your weighted and non-weighted flies. The easiest with this fly, I think, would be making your weighted flies with a bead head.