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Ken Bakers Mayfly Nymph 7/8/2014
Ken Baker’s Mayfly Nymph

Hook - #14 or #16 Tiemco 2302
Bead - copper or gold 5/64 or 3/32
Thread - brown
Tail - black squirrel or moose - 8-12 hairs
Rib - fine copper, gold or red wire
Over body - grey ostrich herl
Under body - pearlescent olive Flashabou #7960

Put bead on hook and cover hook shank with thread to just past the point of the hook.
Tie in the tail, then the rib.
Tie in the ostrich, then the flashabou.
Wrap the flash up to the eye and tie off.  Palmer the ostrich herl up to the eye and then counterwrap the rib.  If you find the ostrich hard to handle or it breaks easily, you can spin it in thread like a dubbing loop or even easier, wrap the ostrich and the rib together.