Teddys Tackle Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Supply
Pink/Grey Shrimp 7/6/2014
Pink/Grey Shrimp        

Hook:  Shrimp hook sizes 8, 10     
The hook we use is Partridge Flashpoint SHR Barbless Shrimp.  Their sizes are not standard, i.e. for this fly we use sizes 14 and 16 which are the equivalent of sizes 8 and 10 in other hooks.                
Thread: 7M Monofilament                    
Tail and Shellback:  cotton candy Angel Hair                
Body: dubbing - a grey, green, blue blend
Rib: mono thread                    

Tying Instructions
1. Wrap mono thread from one eye width down from the eye of the hook to just around the bend.
2. Dub thread with blended dubbing.  We blend our own.  Try to match colour with shrimp you have seen while fishing.  Wrap dubbed thread up to tie in point behind the eye.
3. Measure a piece of Angel Hair for shellback and tail such that the tail is about the same length as the hook shaft.  Tie this in below the eye.
4. Rib monofilamet thread down to beginning of dubbing, wrap tightly at least 3 times, then wrap back up to just below the eye.  Whipfinish and tie off.
5. Use a dubbing teaser or rake to fluff out the dubbing a little.