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These patterns have been developed locally for Vancouver Island and interior British Columbia fishing. We have tied and fished most of these patterns ourselves.  Join our Wednesday evening fly tying sessions from 7:00 - 9:00 and try some of these out with us!
Pink Salmon
American Red 6/22/2019
If your favourite pink patterns are just not working, give this one a try. A very nice American fisherman was using this fly on the beach one summer and got more pinks than all the rest of us. He very kindly shared his pattern. Who would have thought - red for pinks!
Bead Head Salmon Flies 2/24/2015
These are proven flies for pink salmon fishing in July and August on Vancouver Island. Make some in chartreuse as well.
CR Super Pink 2/24/2015
This pattern is from Greg Brunt. It has been used successfully in the Eve River. It is also good in the estuaries for those times when the pink coloured flies just dont work. The fly is used for pink salmon
This pattern is for pink salmon and was developed by Bob Kissinger. "These were created a couple of years ago in late January when it was wet and dark. I tend to hunker down in my fly tying room and dream of brighter days."
Harvey's Pink Shrimp 7/9/2014
This is Harvey Dubuc's famous pink salmon fly aka "Harvey's Happy Hooker." This heavily weighted fly helps you get down to the fish especially when the tidal current is running.
Micro Polar Pink Fly 7/18/2014
This pattern originated with Norman McKenzie who introduced us to Micro Polar Chenille. As we now have UV polar chenille the pattern as only improved. Pink salmon love this!
Mini Handlebar 7/9/2014
This is Josh Block's pink salmon pattern. He did very well with this on North Vancouver Island beaches. We also use this pattern in chartreuse especially in low light conditions.
Pink Poacher 7/9/2014
This pink salmon fly was developed by Clayton Smith of the Cowichan Fly Fishers. It has done well for us on northern Vancouver Island beaches.
Purple Nelson 7/9/2014
I designed this variation on the Pink Grey Shrimp one summer and did very well on it with pink salmon. I named it after my dog. The secret is the Cotton Candy Angel Hair which has brilliant UV properties.
Silver Duchess 2/24/2015
This pattern comes from Barry Brown who fishes with us at Cluxewe. This was his most successful pattern last year.
Three Colour Salmon Fly 7/9/2014
This was passed on to us from Bill Morton in Parksville. We have found it works for both pink and coho salmon.
Two Pink Salmon Flies 7/9/2014
More great patterns from Clayton Smith. He did very well with these on Vancouver Island pink salmon.